Tuesday, September 23, 2008

post-it doodles

So I was clearing out my desk and came across these Post-it sketches I did a few months ago when my running was limited. Bad art -- that's what happens when someone is running-deprived.

Monday, September 1, 2008

another year to celebrate

It seems like I had a birthday run not too long ago, and yet here it is again. Time just flies when you're getting older I guess, but since we can't do much about it, might as well enjoy it. On Thursday evening, we were celebrating my 31st year once again ;)

The good ole' Skipster organized this one. Skip, Tracie, Jenn G. and Beiyi, all from the SoCal Trail Headz met me, my brother and my sis-in-law at the Los Trancos parking lot on the inland side of PCH at Crystal Cove State Beach. From there we went down through the tunnel to get to the beach side at The Beachcomber where we joined up with Robbi and Bobby.

The tide was pretty high so without a lot of packed sand, it was kinda difficult to run on the beach. We went for about 5 miles of slogging through the deep sand, which barely qualified as running. But running was really not high on our agenda this evening. It was merely a prelude to was to follow – some margaritas and beach pub grub with the setting sun over the Pacific as a backdrop.

It was a great way to celebrate another year of good health and bountiful blessings, thanks in no small part to the company that came out. Sue, who went on her own run, came by for the little shindig. Hmm, I think she knew the real agenda behind this so-called birthday "run."