Monday, April 13, 2009

that's a wrap, folks – 2009 wtrs 21k

The last of four races from Baz's Winter Trail Series on Feb. 21 was also the longest at about 13 miles with approximately 3,470 feet of elevation gain. It started out at Blue Jay Campground, climbed up the dirt road to the Main Divide where runners descend down a steep single track down approximately two miles of the Trabuco Trail before heading up the dreaded W. Horsethief Trail to connect back with the Main Divide again. It then looped back to the campground for the finish.

Unlike the last three races where we've had less than ideal conditions–either wind, rain, or mud– this day we had a near perfect combination of sunshine and cool weather. I was anxious to do well this day since I didn't have a spectacular day at the 18K.

At the start I set an easy comfortable pace. I had to move aside to use the bathroom and was soon behind most of the pack, not where I wanted to be. While going up Main Divide to the top of Trabuco, I could tell that my hill running still needed plenty of work. While I had hoped that I could jog slowly up to ridge, I had to slow myself to a walk. I finally made it up to the top of Trabuco Trail where fellow Headz, Kirk F. was manning the aid station. I said a quick "hi"and sped down the trail to try to make up some time. As I had mentioned before, Trabuco is a steep descent and its loose rocks could prove it to be treacherous. I passed a few runners, but no less than a half-mile from the aid station, my foot hit a rock which refused to budge and down I went. Mike B. and Kristen T. witnessed my spectacular fall from grace and helped me up. I had to gather my wits about me and walked down the trail for a few minutes before I felt comfortable enough to start running down again.

I eventually made it to the bottom of the trail, then up W. Horsethief, then connecting back with the Main Divide, and finishing at the campground where most of the runners have already gathered.

My official time was 2:41:42 , finishing 99th out of 127 runners. It definitely could've been better but considering that I'd only been back from my injury for two months I gave myself a bit of slack.

Runners who complete all four races earn the "coveted" race sweatshirt. After crossing the line, I promptly made my way to the "official" race trailer and collected my swag.

Since I'd been spending every other weekend at a Baz race for the last 6 weeks, I felt a bit melancholic that the race was over. I gave Baz a hug before I left, thanked him and told him I'll see him in a month for the San Juan Trail 50K.

Read Baz's official recap of the race here.

Photos snagged from the official website.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations! Well run! I wonder when will I get converted doing races off the road? hmmm :D