Wednesday, May 25, 2011

indulging midlife at the vineman

Over some wings and beer last night, Sandra, a 20-something triathlete in my Tri Training class asked why is it that, generally, athletes in their mid-30s and over seem to be more competitive than their younger counterparts.

My gut and verbal response was "mid-life crisis." This brought about laughter with nodding heads in agreement from my fellow over 40-something friends. I said it jokingly, but it really is not that far from the truth. As I feel aches and pains that never existed before in my 20s, I'm shooting and gunning for physical accomplishments now before I lose interest in endurance sports or my body is not willing to reach some of those goals.

So, when asked why go for the full Vineman now when I haven't even done a half iron distance yet -- well, I guess that is my version of the hot sports car and 18 y.o. girlfriend.