Wednesday, February 18, 2009

running to the sinks at limestone canyon

Early morning at the "ranch"

I think myself fortunate to know that the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks is within less than a half hour drive away. Access to parts of the wilderness area is by permission only, so when I saw a posting about a docent-led trail run through Limestone Canyon, I signed up for it. It was advertised as a 9-mile intermediate-level run through parts of the county that is not always open to the public. The official website describes the area as having beautiful geological formations - including an unusual formation called "the Sinks."

Several of the Trail Headz were there including Jon, Kurt K., Sue, Jenn G., iDad Doug and Pete K. Also joining us were volunteers and guides to show us the way.

Because the run had to be rerouted to avoid an area due to "raptor nesting," we ended up doing 11.5 mellow miles instead of the estimated 9. No worries though. That was just more time I got to spend running in this seldom visited local treasure.

Group photo before the run. Eric, Jenn, Robert, Carol, Kurt, Pete, Mike, and Tom.

Nice view of the snow-covered mountains

Taking a little breather

Up, up, and up

But what goes up must also come down.

At the Sinks with part of the gang.

To experience the beauty of these less traveled trails, visit the website and sign up for one of their many outings.

Photos courtesy of Doug M.


Stephanie said...

This looks so beautiful! Wow - I want to come and visit those trails!

banggigay said...

eric you seem to be very happy lately. i noticed in your wide green stretching ear to ear ;-)

e-rod said...

steph...they are! and with the recent rainfall we've gotten, everything looks green instead of brown.

banggi...ey there. long time. can't help it eh. been running quite a bit and hoping i stay healthy. btw, pm me more about your rtw.