Wednesday, June 6, 2007

rock n roll from the sidelines

So, this was a bit strange for me. Besides Twin Peaks where I handed out medals to the finishers, I've never gone to a race, especially one as large as this, and not run it.

After the long drive from the Shadow, I finally made it home and was in bed at 11:30pm on Sat. night. Four hours later I got up, showered and was on the road again at 4am. I was heading down to San Diego to cheer on my OCTR mates for the SD Rock 'n' Roll Marathon.

With Abbie and Jessica, we made our stops at Miles 4.5, 7, 14, and 22.5. Except for Maz and Mari, we saw all of our friends out there–Wendy, Addy, Mary, Eric KP, Skip, Kim, and Alexa. For the most part, everyone looked good and did great. Goal times and previous bests were smashed. We lost three virgins today (Wendy, Alexa, Skip) who are now marathon veterans.

The energy of the runners was so contagious, I decided to run the last few miles with Skip to see him through to the finish. I was inspired by their performance that I'm going to try to improve my marathon PR within the next 6 months to a year.

Hmm...Las Vegas, Bizz Johnson, Singapore, or L.A.?

Photos courtesy of Wendy


Jessica Deline said...

Yay! It was a fun day. I even got some sun despite the clouds. I think if you can get up to it you could rock the course at Bizz Johnson. And your body would be so much more thankful for it later...

e-rod said...

Jess...Bizz Johnson looks like a really nice course. I might even do a sub-4. Is it possible? Did you know I got a bit of sunburn on my forehead from Sunday? It's peeling now.

Skip said...

Brother E-rod just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated what you did for me by pacing me in and I will never forget your class act. You have inspired me to pass it forward and I am going to go to San Francisco in July to my pace my good friend Tracie in her first Marathon. Domo arigato!