Wednesday, July 30, 2008

running on island time for vr6

I'd been on a hectic pace the last week or so with work and other obligations. Sleep was minimal, and I felt like I my body was starting to wear down. The trip to the Bahamas was kind of an afterthought, and I began to have second thoughts about going. But with reservations made and visions of clean air, the warm blue Caribbean sea, and 100-foot deep underwater adventures, I packed my stuff and headed to the airport.

Flight delays, trying to work at the airport, and crowds of other weary travelers are not ingredients that would put anyone in a sunny disposition. I'd been traveling by air for four straight days seemingly going everywhere, but getting nowhere, and by the time I landed in Freeport, my mind and body were in a daze. I was sleep-deprived and extremely tired. But I did notice that the hectic zoo atmosphere at Miami Airport was behind me, and that the pace of everything here slowed down. In the words of Willie Love, the one-man band that serenaded us at the airport, it's time to put the watch away because I'm now on Bahamian time.

I took a long much-needed nap and was out for an early dinner when I mentioned that I was going for a run. V, B, and J decided to join me in an attempt to ward off the evil weight gain that usually comes on the tail end of a week long holiday. After dinner, with their hubbys and kids settled in the hotel pool, the four of us started our jaunt.

The Bahamian evening air was still warm, around 80deg F with humidity around 65%. It didn't take long before my shirt was drenched even though we were taking it easy. We didn't know of any specific running routes so we just went out on the road and decided to play it by ear. Our late start caused us to miss most of the Virtual Runners. Actually except for us, there were no other runners out there.

One thing about running on the roads in the Bahamas, or anywhere where the cars drive on the wrong side (er, left side) of the road, you gotta know which side of the street to look when crossing the street. I was looking left when I should've been looking right and had a near miss with a car. Fortunately, as with everything on the island, the car was moving slowly, and I was able to move out of the way when I saw the car coming up behind me on my right.

We ran and we walked some passing by Our Lucaya landmarks, the Westin Hotel, the Isle of Capri Casino, the marina, pastel colored shops at the Port Lucaya Marketplace, the Police Station, the beach. The Lucaya strip was not very long and we soon ended on the road leading to the airport. We turned around and ran back to the hotel straight to the pool.

It was nice to get my legs moving again after over a week of hardly doing anything remotely associated to exercise – not a bad way to jumpstart this Virtual Training Run again. At the end of the run, my Garmin showed us going about 4 miles in just under 50 minutes. Just as I suspected, this island pace had already gotten into me. In the Bahamas, you don't run. You just move to the riddim of the islands.

The local brew for some pre and post-run hydration.

I doubt I'll be doing much running this week, but come by this blog for pics and stories from the islands.

It looks like this week's virtual run encompassed participants from Asia where it is heavily represented, the USA, the Caribbean, the UK, and maybe the Mid East (did Sadji join us?). Read other V-Runners' recaps below:
  1. Jaymie (well sorta) - Alabang, Philippines
  2. DATC - Philippines
  3. Caloy - Davao, Philippines
  4. Stephanie - New York City, USA
  5. Jinoe - Makati, Philippines
  6. Hitme - Quezon City, Philippines
  7. Kassy - Philippines
  8. Chaia - Sydney/Melbourne, Australia
  9. Nora - Kent, UK


Stephanie said...

Isn't it fun to run with a camera? Especially at a place like the Bahamas!

I had much fun - we should do the V runs more often!

manokan said...

Maybe I should try bringing a camera next time. Mine is a bit bulky though. Good run. I had just posted my recap also.

Let me know when the next one will be. If you could also post it at so we can invite others to join as well.

I agree with Steph. We should do it more often.

Jaymie said...

Why do you get to run in such scenic places while I'm stuck on the treadmill? And you always end your runs with a big bottle of beer or a huge burrito. Can we switch places next VR?

caloyb said...

"I was looking left when I should've been looking right and had a near miss with a car."

so who says running is a non-hazardous sport? :)

great recap there, e-rod... and with some nice pictures as well (as always).

kassy said...

i was able to do the vrun as well :)


Chaia said...

add me :D

lolz - forgive me for not doing it on the right time! hopefully next week when im not on the business trip ;)

Nora said...

It looks like you had a beautiful island run. Thanks for all the shots! I'll have my camera on the next one, no matter what!

kassy said...

When is your birthday? mine's on the 7th! :)

of course!

kassy said...

oh, im still having a hard time with my sleep.. :( it sucks but I have to stop fussing over it until everything else get regularized.

Im still having a hard time waking up for an early morning run. Promise. :(

Chaia said...

@ Jaymie: we both run at the treadmill dear, doncha worry! :D

It is difficult to continue your training when travelling isnt't it? I agree on the lack of sleep thing. when is our next? :)

kassy said...

expect one on the 29th! weeee!
where are you now, still in bahamas?

e-rod said...

steph...yeah, we'll try to keep this a regular thing again. look forward to seeing more images from ny.

manokan...thanks for the recap. i'll definitely post the next vr on your site, maybe in a couple of weeks.

jaymie...ok, we'll virtually switch places next time. cool?

caloy...i've been here almost a week and still could not completely get used to the cars driving on the left. just gotta be always careful out there.

kassy...i read your recap. great job! see you again soon. you're putting in some miles there. training for a marathon?

nora...ok, i'll look forward to seeing sunset images from england next time :)