Sunday, August 17, 2008

karno in the house, part 2

What does one do on a lazy Saturday afternoon?

So I think my blog has done a bit of public service, well at least to two runners. I got a text from Abbie saying that she'll be at Barnes & Noble to see Dean Karnazes speak and have him sign her copy of his latest book. Apparently she read my last post about Karno coming to town and that's how she found out about it. Had she not read it, she might have missed the event.

Having an "A" day with Alexa, Alyson, and Abbie. Oh, and with Paul too :)

I drove to Costa Mesa and met up with Abbie, standing in line with Alexa, Alyson, and long lost Paul. We chatted while we stood in line which was moving very slowly. When I turned around, I saw fellow Happy Feet runner and blogger, Jovie aka Bald Runner who apparently also found out about the book signing through this blog. I came over and introduced. I'm always happy to meet other runners in person whom I've gotten to know through the blogosphere.

Meeting BR for the first time and goofing off while the dean isn't looking.

When I got to the front of the line, I handed Karno my copy and chatted with him about how his last book was the catalyst for me to start running ultras and completing 8 of them in the last year, and hoping to one day run the WS100. He wrote some words of inspiration in the book and after the obligatory picture with the dean he bade me farewell with, "I'm sure we'll cross paths again."

What an interesting background. Seems appropriate for trail runners, doesn't it?

Hmm, I thought, if I keep up this crazy pursuit, I'm sure I will.


Stephanie said...

Isn't he so cute? Aw....

And yes, what a fab background!!!

Abbie said...

I absolutely would've missed this if I hadn't read your blog! Thanks :)

bald runner said...

eric, thanks for your post where i found out about karno visiting costa mesa. thanks also for posting our picture.

jovie aka baldrunner

e-rod said...

steph... is he? i didnt notice. lol

abbie... you're welcome. it was great seeing you again. let's run soon.

br...walang anuman. good luck at bulldog!

Will said...

I read karno's first book a couple of years ago. it also gave me the ultra bug! keep on running!

sfrunner said...

Hi Eric. Great that you had a chance to meet Dean and have a photo-op with the baldrunner. Take care and good luck in the Chicago Marathon. - Wayne

e-rod said...

will... thanks! same to you!

wayne... yeah that was a nice fun laid back afternoon. thanks. training for the chi-town romp is now in full swing.

banggigay said...

woooow! geeking your runnaholic lifestyle eh? :-)