Tuesday, April 14, 2009

socal trail headz new member run

I usually don't do anything running-related on Sundays as a means of taking a break and avoiding burnout, but decided on the day after the WTRS 21K to join the SoCal Trail Headz for a new member run at Peters Canyon. It is a monthly event intended to welcome potential new members and includes a fun trail run anywhere from 2 to 7 miles or however long you wish There were 13 of them that morning, all of whom signed up to join the group. I went out for a mild 4 mile jog/walk with 11 y.o. Jake; my back was sore from my tumble the day before (sure, sure).

It was a fun Sunday morning–one that I look forward to doing again.

Visit the SoCal Trail Headz site for more info about upcoming new member runs, races and other events.

Photo courtesy of Croc Lo.


Stephanie said...

I recognize a few faces there;-)
And this group has grown a lot seems like.

e-rod said...

yeah it has grown quite a bit, though it's a manageable kind of growth...