Friday, April 17, 2009

twittering on leona?

Leona weekend is finally here, and I'll be running her tomorrow – 50 miles of what could be fun in the sun or pain in the membrane (whatever!) My last 50-miler was PCT50 near San Diego last year where I finished in almost 13 hours – not a great time considering my previous 50-miler was under 11 hours. My goal for tomorrow is to finish under 12 hours.

My strategy is to enjoy the course the first 25-30 miles or so then turn it up the last 20 if I have the energy and the fortitude left to do so. To get my mind off the length of the run, I intend to twitter and post some pics also. I'm hoping that my carrier will give me some bars along the course.

Follow my run at LD50 here:

Happy trails!!


Stephanie said...

That's cool that you'll Twitter to keep us posted! Have a great journey my friend:-)

e-rod said...

steph... well twittering on the course was a bust, since i didn't have any signal when i checked. anyway, i'll post a recap soon.

kassy said...

GOD, dude, seriously?

Give me endurance and stamina, I'll join you. HAHAHAHAH!

I'm working on my 5(0)k not 50! yet!