Thursday, April 5, 2007

ready or not...

... I'm doing the San Juan Trail 50K (SJT50K). This will be my first ultra event. I don't think I'm completely ready for this yet. I feel that I still needed at least another month or so to train. But here I am, just a couple of days before it, and I'm actually feeling pretty calm and confident about it. I wasn't so a few days ago. There's an 8-hour cutoff and I have some serious doubts about making it in. Apparently this is one tough course, and some top athletes have come in at about 6 and a half hours. However, I decided yesterday or the day before that I'm approaching this just as a loooong training run (with aid stations to help me along the way). It makes it easier to think of it that way. I'm determined to finish it. And if I cross the line after the 8-hour cutoff, I'll be ok with that too.

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