Wednesday, March 21, 2007

back to the back bay

It seems I haven't been here in awhile though it's only been a few weeks. Since the parking lot to the Back Bay is only a half a mile away from me, I used to come here quite often. I went on another evening run, this time with Jon for a short and easy 5.5 mile jaunt. It felt good to be back here again, especially when the afternoon light gave in to the dimness of dusk, and the temperature was a cool high 50s.

Tomorrow evening, I'm meeting George and Rita here. They're not runners but are interested in getting into it, George because he wants to do a triathlon, and Rita because she wants to lose weight. I'm looking forward to helping them out and showing them that anybody who's in relatively good shape can do it. I chose to meet at the Back Bay because I just love this place in the evenings when the days are long again. It sure feels good to be back.

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