Wednesday, March 7, 2007

reflections on yesterday's and upcoming runs

I woke up feeling tired today which was due to yesterday's run. My legs are sore, but not so bad. The miles yesterday seemed longer than those from the OCTR runs, and I truly believe that it was because I was running alone. Ultrachick's eloquent post about having running partners really makes a great point. When I run with the group, the miles seem to drop easily, and it's easier for me to get up early and get out on the trail at dawn. The support that each runner provides to other is invaluable.

Xena the Trail Goddess has a 20-24 miler scheduled next week, and I'm still debating if I'll join her for it. I feel/think/hope/believe that I can go the distance, but I'm really gonna be pretty slow especially on them darn hills. I don't want to hold her back too much, but she did offer to do a long training run with me when I first met her. So maybe I'll just take her up on it.

Tomorrow evening, The Skipster's got a sunset run with his groupies, and I'll probably join them for that unless I have a work deadline. It will be a nice 7 mile recovery run. This weekend is the WTRS 21K so that should be fun since there are a few OCTRunners doing that. According to Chaz, it's kind of a preview to the SJT50K. If I feel good on the 21K and I'm able to put in about 25 miles on a run next week, I'll probably sign up for SJT. That could be my first ultra whether I'm ready for it or not...yikes!!!

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Angie said...

woo hoo! you should totally run the 24 miler. So what if you are slow, speed isn't important :)