Sunday, March 11, 2007

wtrs 21k hike

Just want to give a shout out to all my posters...yeah, you know who you are, Nattie and Angie. That's two more posters than I have on my other blogs :)


Looking at his Garmin, Jon points out that his heart rate is at 150--way too high for his target of 140. According to him, he's base training, and so he's going prettly slow. I know he can run fast--he did about a 3:20 in the PS Marathon just a little over a month ago. But I was glad to go at this crawl. It was helping me stick to my plan of going slow at the WTRS 21K. After the mishaps at the 18K, I wasn't looking forward to getting too familiar with the rocks and roots of the Santa Ana Mountain trails any time soon.

Except for the first mile or so, Jon and I pretty much ran and walked this race together. We didn't plan it. It just kinda worked out that way. We talked for the most part--mostly about running, races and training. A little over three hours later we crossed the finish line. At the rate that we were going, it felt less like a race, and more like a hike or a walk. I wasn't tired at all, just a little hungry. So now I'm thinking...maybe at this rate, I can do the SJT 50K in a month and finish it just under the cutoff time of 8 hours. I may have to speed things up just a bit on some of the flats and the downhills to ensure I make it, but I'm feeling confident that it's doable.

I want to see how I do on another longer run this week. Xena's planned 24 miler on Tuesday was moved to Wednesday so I can't do that one. Wednesdays are bad for me because of class in the a.m. Instead I'll be joining the "Luuuuuv from the Back" team of Nattie, B, and Skip along with Greg on Tuesday at Peter's Cyn. I'll have to add another loop to bump the mileage on this run up close to 20.

Having met, read about, and talked to ultra veterans these past several weeks, I'm moving closer and closer to sending in my app. for Baz's 50K. I'm slow to decide on making this my first ultra, but probably not as slow as how I'm planning on running it.

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angie's pink fuzzy said...


Slow and steady, that's how it goes! All you have to do is show up, smile, eat a gu and keep moving. you'll make it.