Thursday, July 26, 2007

my first dns

I can't remember if I've ever signed up for a race before and failed to start it. For all intensive purposes, the 195-Mile Wild West Relay is going to be my first DNS (Did Not Start). I joined this race back in January when it was first proposed that we put the team together. By February, we had 6 runners committed to the 6x6 Ultra–each runner doing 6 legs, completing an average of 30-35 miles. Unfortunately due to injuries and other commitments, runners had to drop out of the team, and we could not recruit enough runners and the requisite volunteer to fill the roster.

Long story short, the team is not going to Colorado and will have to drop out.

Needless to say, I'm disappointed, but the fortunate thing with running, as in life, is that there will always be another race. For now, I'll focus my energies on my next challenge, the Mt. Disappointment 50K. Now how's that for irony?


jun said...

kabayan, it's all good. i DNFd on my last 50-miler attempt. somewhere at mile 40 something, my legs stopped and drifted into the bushes. half my body from waist on up hovered around my legs weeping. but success don't make us learn. it's failures that keep us on track. in my case: salt, man. asin lang pala! anita! but just like you i'm still running. i'm gonna get my buckle one of these days. good luck and more power to you kabayan.

Addy said... sorry that this event fell apart. It sounded like so much fun when people first told me about it back in May, but with that many people involved things are sure to get complicated. Hope you have an amazing time at Mt Dissapointment though!

Jaymie said...

Again, so sorry to hear about this. It really is disappointing when all you want to do is just lace up and run. Mt. Disappointment sounds like a big challenge with the name alone! I'm sure you won't have any problems with that though. Go e-rod!

e-rod said...

jun...hey, good to see a kabayan ultra-runner too. haven't met one in person though. just signed up for my first 50-miles on my way to going for that ws buckle too.'s cool. it's part of the journey. hopefully disappointment doesn't live up to its name :)

jaymie...thanks for the support, yo :) glad to see you up and running. with mt. d, that's all i'm gonna do--just lace up and run. it's gonna be an onerous one, so i'll have to borrow some bull runner toughness out there :)

stephruns said...

For that reason I don't like relays! The dependency is nerve wracking. Good to have races lined up, you won't disappoint yourself at Mt. Disappointment;-)