Tuesday, July 24, 2007

virtually synchronized training run

Poor hitme. Because of his schedule and other life commitments, the only time he gets to run is in the wee hours of the early, early morning (so early that most still consider it night time), when only his companions are his ipod tunes and 3am ghostly apparitions.

Half-jokingly, I proposed to him that since his 4:30am is actually 1:30pm for me, I will be his virtual running partner. We will run at the same time, though separated by half a world away. I'm in OC; he's in QC. We'll communicate via YM and SMS to ensure that we are running together, virtually at least.

He agreed to this scheme, and so our first OC-QC virtually synchronized training run is set to take place in a few hours. The agreed upon distance is 5K though he's considering going longer. Full report and photos to follow.


Jessica Deline said...

that's cool!

bEnMChAn said...

Nice idea hitme and Erod! :)