Friday, August 17, 2007

big basin redwoods trail runs

The folks at Pacific Coast Trail Runs (PCTR) have a reputation for putting on great events, but I have yet to experience one of these. However, that's about to change on Sept. 16th when I run my 4th ultra event (still feeling like a noob), the Big Basin Redwoods Trail Run 50K. I just sent in my application and payment today, and I am good to go. The PCTR events bill themselves as Runs that Aren't Races in Beautiful Places. With just a month before the Firetrails 50-Miler, I figure I can sneak this in my calendar and have one heck of a beautiful training run.

One of my OCTR buds, the Skipster, will be running Big Basin as his first ever ultra. Way to go, Skip! Other OCTR runners that are running here are Keira and Addy, who's also running her first 50-miler at Firetrails. Addy's dad, Kris will also be running at Big Basin in the 25K* distance. Woohoo!!

Photos are property of PCTR.
* I mistakenly put 21K for Kris. That's a bit difficult to do since that distance is not included as one of the events.


Bob Gentile said...

E-rod: With just a month before the Firetrails 50-Miler, I figure I can sneak this in my calendar and have one heck of a beautiful training run.
Nice plan and looks like a great event...Have a blast!!

Addy said...

Wohoo...this will be a party :D My 3rd, your 4th, and we'll be set to rock Dick COllins!

Small correction though, my dad's doing a 25k :D Believe me, he'd be quite conscious of that extra 4k, since he's never done a run this long before :)

I"m so excited you guys are all coming up though! Guess I should sign up soon.... :)

stephruns said...

Those trees are amazing - you will have so much fun, just probably feel like a dwarf:-)

e-rod said...

bob...thanks for dropping by. yes, i'm sure it will be a blast out there.

addy...i made the correction already. kris has really come along as a runner. yeah, better go ahead and sign up.

steph...i just love those giant redwoods even if they make me feel really tiny.

rick said...

You'll like it, beautiful trails, good views. Can get warm but then again your from SoCal so you should be ok. The route has changed since I did it several years ago, mebbe that's a good thing. I remember feeling pretty whooped at the end of this one:)

Jaymie said...

Oh, I'm sure you'll do great here. Don't forget to pack a couple of Mr. Serious burritos for extra energy! haha

e-rod said...

rick...i'm sure the trails and views will be beautiful. thanks for the warning too. 6180' gain in 50K is no easy feat, at least for me.

jaymie...ayy, those burritos will have to be in my drop bag :) at 2+ lbs. each, they're a bit too heavy to lug around with me.

banggigay said...

eric, i'm starting to believe now, there is no life in LA where most of my friends are..i think it's in your side of the state, where cooolest adventures take place :)

e-rod said...

banggi, actually this run is close to sf, about a 6-hour drive from me. to get here, i do need to go through la. btw, my last race was close to the la area, and so is my next one. there is life in la after all :)