Monday, August 6, 2007

looming disappointment

The name itself conjures up images of failure and dejection, runners dropping out, not able to measure themselves up against the tough and challenging Mt. Disappointment Endurance Runs. This demanding race, set in the mountains of the Angeles National Forest features two distances, the 50K and for the first time, the 50-Mile, and will test the mettle of over 230 runners.

On Saturday, I'm going to pit myself up against this course to see what I've got. My third ultra, it's going to test my training, strength and resolve on the 50K distance. And the 50-miler, well, I'm leaving that to the big boys and girls for now.

Two things worry me the most–the heat and the last climb. I've been keeping a close eye on this weekend's weather, and so far the high is at 81 degrees. It's not as hot as the HTT and Holy Jim run when temps hit in the nineties, but the eighties is no walk in the park either. The last climb in the race starts with 27 miles accumulated on the legs already. From the course profile, it looks like a gain of 25oo feet in just 3 miles. According to the race website, "the final climb to the summit of Mt Wilson up the Kenyon Devore Trail will test each runner with terrain and surroundings that are truly unique to these canyons." What a fine way of saying, it's gonna kick your arse!

I had an earlier optimistic goal of being done in under 7 hours, but after looking over last year's finishing times, I've adjusted that to 8 hours. Five days from now we'll see if that goal is met, or if this race will live up to its name.

Photos and course profile are property of Mt. Disappointment Endurance Runs.


Jessica Deline said...

I think 8 hours is a good goal. Will be interesting to see how everyone does. That last climb does look like a butt-kicker.

Pete Vara said...

Dude-you will do great, partner up with Alexa she is ready and a awesome pacer.

jun-o said...

boss, i heard mt dis is a real B. just be smart on your fuel intake nutrition, and SALT, man. one foot in front of the other. get with YOUR OWN pace and rythm. unless she's really fine you can't help but stay in her slipstream (thusly appreciating her...stride, har-har!)ayos lang if at some point(s)you're sucking, then slow down...walk...skip-hop,etc. I got this painting on my wall here and it's a bunch of zebras in the wild getting chased by a lion. the moral is printed in bold letters underneath: "YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE FIRST. JUST DON'T BE LAST". good luck, homeboy, good luck!!!

Dmitri said...

I signed for the 50K too. As I did a training run on Kenyon Devore loop on July 14, I realized that it is not the heat or the elevation gain I was not ready to. It is thin air. I could never had enough of it through out the whole run. At the same time it was the single most facinating trail experience in my life. See you at Skyline Park on Saturday :-)

e-rod said...'s nice that several octr members are gonna be running it too. let's hope all these hills we've been climbing pays off.

pete...thanks. i've run with her several times and i'm amazed where she gets that energy sometimes. must be that youth thing. :)

jun...that's what i hear too. thanks for the tips. i'll keep them in mind this weekend.

dmitri...welcome to my blog. i guess i should update my post and say THREE things worry me the most... :) hey, hope to meet you on saturday. have a good race.

Abbie said...

Gooood luck! Think of your coach's voice in your head when you get tired :)

Skipster said...

Just wanted to send support and best of luck to my wingman. Enjoy E-rod!

Addy said...

Sounds like a great goal! You're going to do so wonderfully out there, just take care of yourself on the trails, especially with that heat! Can't wait to hear about how it goes :)

banggigay said...

woaah! eric, you're a hardcore! all props to you! your energy is really amazing. tara dito ka pinas, magaya ng ganyan!

e-rod said...

abbie...yes i can hear my coach's voice in my head all the time. i just hope i don't talk back to her with other people around :)

skip...thanks for the support, bro.

addy...i'm still hoping for the best with the weather. gracias for the encouragement.

banggi...salamat po! hey, when i go there, we should all do a longish trail run. you know i'll be all over that.

Josh said...

WOW... that is one hell of a climb!

Good Luck.