Wednesday, August 15, 2007

real first, virtual second

The Real
Santiago Truck Trail
10 miles

Today was my first run since Saturday–a recovery run. I went out with fellow Mt. D survivors, Greg and Alexa, as well as Sue and Kris (Addy's dad). I wanted to run some moderate hills today, and I figure about 10 miles on the Santiago Trail would do the trick.

We hoofed it up to the flag pole, then went beyond it for another mile and a half to the 5-mile mark before turning back. It didn't take long for the heat to make its presence known to us. Temps climbed up to the 70s before 7am and with mostly no cover except for the side of the mountain at times (it depends on which side the trail is on), it got pretty darn hot.

My legs just didn't feel like they were completely there today. Oh well. This would be a good work out for running on tired legs, I thought. I'll need that to prepare for Firetrails in two months. Ten long miles later, I was glad this "recovery" run was over.

The Virtual
Crystal Cove State Beach

6 miles

Week 4 of the virtually synced training run was set for today at 1:30pm. Our contingent from Manila was under siege by a typhoon so most of them opted to stay curled up under their blankets in bed. Steph in San Diego had to sit this one out due to aching feet. So it was at least me, Gretchen (crew and support), Hitme, Ben, and TRF.

Since my legs were still feeling the effects of the earlier run, I decided to take it easy for this second one. I also decided to change to a more scenic route, Crystal Cove State Beach. I was just gonna go out for about 4 miles or so, but wasn't paying too much attention and ended up going for the complete 6 anyway. Most of the run was on compact, wet sand, probably one of my favorite surfaces to run on. My right heel was a bit sore, possibly from the downhill portion earlier, so I welcomed the carpeted feel underneath me.

Here are several photos my camera crew took. To my virtual training buds, wish you were here.

Onward to the beach which is about 50 feet below.

Had to go through this rocky portion to get to the fun stuff.

The FUN STUFF! Running on this was just pure nirvana for my feet. Next time, I'm leaving my shoes and running barefoot.

Trying to run as close to the water's edge as possible without getting water in my shoes.

Hmmm, I wonder if I can turn this into trail food? Kelp, after all, is a rich source of natural vitamins and minerals.

Making a quick stop for a bit of tidepooling.

These were cottages that people actually lived in for about 20 years or so until their leases on state property ran out. The State Park decided not to renew their leases, so the residents were forced to move out. Some of these have been completely rebuilt or renovated and available as beach front rentals while others, like this one are in disrepair.

The view from the cottages.

Almost done with the run.

Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

During the run, I got really hungry (I decided to forego the pre-run fried chicken this time), so I went for some serious protein-rich recovery food when I got done–the 2lb.+ monstrosity known as "Mr. Serious," the signature burrito of a local taqueria. I put my Garmin in for scale.

I don't know if it was just me, but my energy level was pretty low again. I guess I was just tired. Well, see you all next time. I still have 3/4 left of Mr. Serious to work on.


stephruns said...

What's up with you? 16 miles? You're on fire now - keep it up!

hitme64 said...

damn...that is one big, humongous burrito you got there...

you know they say, what you eat is what you get out later...but i digress...

vr4 was rather quiet, except for the pit-pat of rain on the roofs of the buildings i ran into...correction, was frigging wet and/or flooded to even do a decent half-step...but like i said, 5k is still 5k

hope vr5 would be better...enjoy your off to taco bell!

jun said...

a week afer the Big Mt D and you're back into running right away like you can't live without it. must be pure love.

that burrito looks pretty solid. man. but let me tell you, dark beer works best. a pint or two of guinness stout after a long run will square you away good style.

ric, you scouting for pacers already for your first 50-miler? if it's even allowed, let me sign up. minimum wage pre.

caloyb said...

hi! i'm a runner from mindanao. i've read about your virtual runs and tried to join in. alas, i was late.:( maybe next thursday i can make the 4:30 am start.

Pete Vara said...

dude-nice run- I like your post run burrito. When did you want to go for another round of martinis?

e-rod said...

steph...well the last 6 miles wasn't much of a run really as you can see by the time on my garmin :)'re a trooper, dude. way to represent p.i.

jun...pacers are allowed the last 13 miles. my brother is pacing me. he just doesn't know it yet. hahaha. why don't you just run the race? i heard the trails are beautiful.

caloyb...i read your blog, and dude, you didn't miss out on it. i started mine at 1:45 so i was just 5 minutes ahead of you. next time, just let us know you're joining us so we can "wait" for you :)

pete...anytime, dude. just give me a call. i'll be ready to go.

Gretchen said...

Holy crap did you really eat that whole burrito? Apparently you did need food crew on this run. ;)Awesome pictures, I can't believe there is no one on the beach. Where is everyone?
My virtual cross training turned out to be stacking firewood for an hour, but that was ultimately more useful than hiking!

MrsPartyGirl said...

wow, if i had a beach scene like that, i would be running everyday! no wonder you're so inspired :)

here our temp is at around the super cool 90s at 3:30pm, if you're so lucky. i think i can actually survive running, but not the heat. :)

great job vrunners. :)

e-rod said...

gretchen...i'm still working on it. the beach goers were concentrated closer to the only concession stand out there. for this reason, this is probably my fave beach in oc. btw, i put a burrito update post. haha

mrspartygirl...thanks for stopping by. i thought i heard somebody cheering. the setting was definitely a plus. maybe next week i'll try an urban run and see how i enjoy that.

bEnMChAn said...

Wow! Me like the burrito! Eric, Padala ka naman dito! Then i'll send you some daing in return! hehehehehehe oh, you live in cali pala daing is so easy to get :)

banggigay said...

waaah! did i see a beach here? running + beach line = drool!

need to go out of manila really, if only to get away with this torrential downpour. haaay! :(

e-rod said...

ben...i would send the burrito, but with its weight, postage would be too expensive.

banggi...aren't you due to be tripping around some other beach or island again? :)

Running Freeman said...

At first I thought It was a genetically engineered centipede ehehhe, BTW congrats to u and Steph better late than never !

Addy said...

You seriously did 16 miles 3 days after a 50k!?!? You are amazing :) Making me feel like I need some big run this week... ;)

e-rod said... coulda been genetically engineered. who knows?

addy...yeah, and i paid for it with sore legs the following day. anyway, i'm just trying to keep up with your training schedule. :)