Tuesday, August 14, 2007

care to join me on a training run?

Yeah, I'm talking to you. It doesn't matter where you are–the OC, Manila, or Timbuktu–you're welcome to join me and several of my training buds that span two continents, a really big ocean and several time zones.

If you're not familiar with our virtually synchronized training runs, the concept is simple. Runners separated by geography do a training run "together" wherever they may be in the world. We set a distance (more or less) and meet at a specific time, so 1:30pm on the US West Coast makes it 4:30am the following day in Manila.

DATE: 15 August 2007, Wednesday (US Pacific Time)
TIME: 1:30 P.M. (US Pacific Time)
DISTANCE: 10 km/ 6 miles (or whatever you wish)
RUNNERS/ COURSE: (I'll update this as more people join up)
  1. Jaymie - Alabang Philippines
  2. HitMe - Quezon City, Philippines
  3. Banggi - Makati, Philippines
  4. Ben - Manila to Makati, Philippines
  5. Renz - Metro Manila, Philippines
  6. Marga - Paranaque, Philippines
  7. TRF - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  8. Steph - San Diego, USA
  9. Gretchen - Truckee, USA
  10. E-Rod - Newport Beach, USA


stephruns said...

Oh no - guess what? I just went to the gym and my feet were dying in my sneakers!!! Must have been the down-hills last Saturday. So I will have to pass on this week's run, but next time I'm in!

Have fun out there!

jun-o said...

dude,why'd have to be on a weekday? 1:30 pm?...i'm in the middle of my route at 1:30 pm, working. i'll get the weekends next time, pre. afternoons or nights preferebly.

how's your legs? tsibug pre, rice, pinakbet, ginisang ampalaya, sariwang lumpia, isdang pinerito, at karneng nilaga? ha-har...tsalap-tsalap.

once again, congrats...you da man! mabuhay! hep-hep -- hurray!!!!

e-rod said...

steph...thanks for letting me know. otherwise i would've waited for you. :) hope your feet get better soon.

jun...kinda a long story. it's in my blog somewhere how it got started. my legs are fine, thanks to some pinoy recovery food :)

hitme64 said...

rains! again, rains! hope the skies clear tomorrow morning even for an hour...i wouldn't want to run on the pathways and hallways again and create a ruckus as far as the mrt trains passing by edsa at that hour...hahaha!

banggigay said...

eric, i hope that the rain won't be that nasty tomorrow. or i'd have to pass. arrrg. btw, did you get my sms last night? cos you didn't reply.

banggigay said...

oh and btw, you just ran 50k right? geeez! ur a monster eric! yes you are. you cant relate when peeps say get a rest! haha!

one more, my route is makati not manila. haha!

Running Freeman said...

Hi eric,

I'll join 2mrws run. hope I wake up on time heehe ;)

e-rod said...

hitme...i know a little typhoon isn't gonna stop you from running. heck, if it isn't flooded, run around the track in the rain. after your run, you don't even need to shower.

banggi...got it, sorry. just sent you a reply. actually i do relate to rest--very important part of my training regimen :)

freeman...cool!! see ya at the run.

Gretchen said...

Does cross training count? I'm planning a short hike, it feels so much better than running right now. I'll try to play support crew and carry food and water supplies for everyone. ;) Oh wait, that's right, this isn't an ultra...
Anyway, good luck to those running in the rain and the dark, you are and inspiration!

banggigay said...

yeah does cross training run? cos i do my laps on the pool mwf? :) how about that? hahaha!

'Running Diva' said...

Nice photos you've got there Eric! You're a good writer too! You know what? Why not start a good book written by yourself? ;)