Wednesday, August 8, 2007

quickie recap of vr3

Today marks the third week of the virtually synchronized training run. I chose to run mine at the Back Bay again, just because it's literally a couple of minutes from me. I did change my starting point, this time at Constellation Street just to make things a little more interesting, plus it affords me an out-and-back course without venturing out towards the bird sanctuary again.

I hopped on the trail, and right away I was feeling sluggish. Damn, fried chicken and rice! Shouldn't eat like that less than an hour before my run. I'm also a bit worried that my back is still sore from last week, and now it seems I have another nuisance. It's that all-too-familiar feeling on my left foot, the one that sidelined me for a few weeks. I'm hoping it's not plantar fasciitis, however it sure felt like it. It wasn't that bad, but it just kinda lingered there. Though I'm not crazy about taking it, Vitamin I will definitely have to be part of my nutritional race regimen on Saturday.

It was hot again, but it didn't bother me so much today, I'm hoping because I've acclimated to it already. With the highs forecasted to reach the 90s this weekend, I sure hope so.

Forgot my camera, so no visuals today, but here are my numbers.

Conditions: Sunny, 75deg. F, slight breeze
Distance: 6.1 miles
Time: 01:02:23
Ave. pace: 10:14/mi

My online training buddies also came out to run in their parts of the world at exactly the same time as I did. Check out their recaps.
The Running Freeman


Jaymie said...

Urgh...I skipped the run! Both kids are sick and by the time my alarm clock rang at 4am, I was dead tired from catching vomit and giving meds. Oh well, next time. Sob sob.

hitme64 said...

wonderful run despite the rain and all...this is getting to be a regular thing eric...sure hope the rest of the cast is catching up...

congratulations! and hope you get better the next few doing the same thing, too! rest is such a sweet sorrow...heheheh

Gretchen said...

Another fun run! What is the name of this virtual running club??
I actually posted this time, photos and all.
See you next week?

renz said...

it rained just when i'm about to start my run!! the rain felt it will not win me over.. and so it went away.. the rest of the story later.. have to work first. :)

i just wanted to know how you guys did.

stephruns said...

Oh well, not all runs can be fantastic. Rest, take it easy have an upcoming important race to focus on.

banggigay said...

wooohoo! had my first VR. ben & rex woke me up! and it's not the condo hallways but the salcedo park & secondary roads of makati are my witness. oh and ben. we ran together for my last stretch. it was raining and i felt crazy to still run. but what can i say, i'm so stoked now. really! :)

Abbie said...

fried chicken less than an hour before your run??? you're crazy! But good luck this weekend anyway - stay away from that fried chicken! oh my gosh speaking of fried, i had a deep fried oreo (or two) at the fair and it was awesome. I tried deep fried coca-cola, but was not as impressed.

Addy said...

sorry your run was less than great. I always have sub par ones the week before a big race and then feel great come race day, so hopefully it's the same with you!

abbie- deep fried oreos? I"m intrigued...

Running Freeman said...

Hi Guys,

I ran 11Km. Yahoo! but I woke up late this morning at 5.45 sorry about that, but then again I still had a Virtual partner Ben who did a 2 hr VRun hehee. I'll just post my story later. Congrats to all Virtual Runners. E-rod Goodluck on your 50K Ultra. I'm sure you need a lot of those fried chickens


Jessica Deline said...

this is such a great idea. I can only imagine how big it might grow. But then there is me always thinking for the next big thing - like making this a "real" virtual running club with shirts, etc. :) Maybe I can join you one of these weeks...

e-rod said...

jaymie...yeah we missed you out there today. hope the kids are feeling better.

hitme...sounds like you had a fun time frolicking out there in the rain. must rest now, must rest now, must rest now.

gretchen...enjoyed reading your post. fun photos too. hey, you can come up with the name for this virtual running club, eh? if you're gonna be running, then i'll see you next time.

renz...i'm glad you still came out despite the rain. look forward to your story.

steph...yep, just trying to rest up, though i couldn't help but go for a swim today. hope your calf gets better soon. you think it might be those shoes?

banggi...yeah, you go girl! it's awesome that you made it out there considering you're a night owl and the rain would have kept you in bed even more.

abbie...thanks! what was up with all that deep fried stuff at the oc fair anyway? and how the heck do you deep fry coca-cola? i heard the deep fried twinkies weren't all that either. they're getting pretty creative deep frying everything, though not in a very healthy way :)

addy...i'm hoping, addy, i'm hoping. no deep fried oreos for now anyway :)

trf...better late than never, dude. and you made up for it with that extra k :) thanks for the good luck, but i'll pass up on the fried chicken till after the race. :)

jessica...hey hope you can join us for a run soon. i know you're a big thinker; i like the idea of the club shirts, but i still owe this one race director some design work, so those shirts will have to wait for now :)